Go + Raspberry Pi powered Alarm Clock


Invented in 1959, the snooze button is the worst invention in the world. Not only does it defeat the point of setting an alarm, it may actually leave you more tired. Unfortunately however, my zombie morning brain doesn’t care about this, and any alarm within reach has a very poor chance of actually getting me out of bed, trapping me into an open-end snooze fest.

For this reason I usually set an alarm below my loft bed, so I’m forced to climb down the stairs to disable it. This works, but sometimes I forget to set this alarm before getting into bed, and my sleepy evening brain convinces itself that setting the alarm on the phone next to me will do just fine.

And this is exactly how I missed an important early morning conference call this week.

To avoid this from happening again, I finally implement an idea I had a while ago for for turning my raspberry pi into a smartphone controlled alarm clock that I can set from my bed, but only disable by getting up. I’ve published the Go code as Rise 1.0 on GitHub, and you can see the result below:

In a way, this is latest incarnation of a previous AirPlay based project of mine, which unfortunatley suffered from a few issues causing me to abondon it. However, I feel pretty good about this implementation, and already woke up successfully with it this morning.

Given enough interest, I’d be happy to polish this up a bit further and make it easy to install on any Raspberry Pi or other Linux machine you have laying around. Just let me know what you think!

-- Felix Geisendörfer
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